Developers & Property Owners

Television Service

Eleisure can offer a property an array of television options to fit the needs of the community. Generally a property will request a Cable Plant Distribution or a DirecTV Distribution.

Cable Plant Distribution

"Basic" programming

This is a plug and play option for your property where the resident plugs in the cable outlet and begins watching the basic cable package your property offers. Basic packages can range from the free local High Definition channels that each City offers to the cable package available to purchase from DirecTV. The basic package can be expanded by property to offer the favorite channels you would like to provide.

"Premium" Programming

This option allows your resident to purchase High Definition Programming, Digital Video Recording, International Programming and all Pay per View Options.

DirecTV Distribution

This is a Satellite Technology plant which allows High Definition Programming using the DirecTV System. Residents can enjoy all the benefits of HDTV and DVR devices to view al the High Definition Programming, International Programming and all Pay Per View options offered by DirecTV.

The DirecTV experience is annually rated as the best in customer loyalty, the best in support to the customer and best viewing provider in the industry today. This is why we chose DirecTV as our partner with you.