Recommended Software and Links

Eleisure recommends that every computer has four things:

1. A licensed copy of an operating system

such as Windows XP Home or Professional Edition or one of the Linux operating systems such as Suse or Red Hat.

Keep your operating system updated. With almost all operating systems, routine updates are free and improve security and operational functionality of the operating system.

2. A Firewall Program:

A Firewall is the equivalent of a front door on your home. A firewall controls what traffic is allowed in and out of your computer. There are virtually hundreds of firewall programs available. We only have so much web space so we will recommend a few.

3. Zone Alarm:

The folks at Zone Labs offer a free version of the firewall for individual use. Try this out and if you like it we recommend you purchase a copy.

Download the ZoneAlarm Firewall Program

Anti-Virus Software:

This goes hand in hand with the firewall software. The firewall keeps unwanted traffic in or out and the Anti-Virus software scans your computer and it's various mediums to ensure that the files are virus free. The biggest cause of slow and intermittent Internet connections that Eleisure encounters are caused by Internet Worms, Viruses, and Trojan Horses. Click here to get more info on these speed-robbing buggers.

Download Free AVG Personal Edition Anti-virus Program

SpyWare detection Software:

SpyWare detection software round out the trifecta of computer protection software. SpyWare is any program or file that reports web activity and or user activy. Think your comouter is secure? We urge you to download a SpyWare detection program such as AdAware. You will be surprised.

Download Free Spyware Detection Software