Troubleshooting Tips For Your High Speed Internet Connection

Please read about the following symptoms similar to those you are experiencing to see the potential problem and solution

1. Symptom:

My computer says that the(LAN) Local Area connection is unplugged.


Your computer is almost always right about this message.


In order to achieve a Local Area Connection your computer must have a few things. You must have an active ethernet device on both ends with a compatible Catagory 5 cable in between. If any of these thing are not present, you will lose your LAN connection.

Some of the common causes of this problem are the Ethernet or Category 5 cable coming unplugged from the Eleisure Ethernet wallplate of from the Ethernet jack in your computer. Also check to ensure that your Local Area Connection is enabled. Sometimes if you received a message claiming that there was a duplicate IP on the network, your Local Area Connection will automatically disable itself. Also check to ensure that your Ethernet card is displayed under the hardware manager of your operating system.

2. Symptom:

When I try to attempt to open a web browser, the message "Page cannot be displayed" pops up (Also can sometime show up a Error 404)

Your internet browser is not finding the Internet page you requested.


This is typically caused by a loss of Internet connection or a bad link or Internet page that has been removed. If you receive this message, try to visit a web page that you are pretty sure is working such as MSN or Yahoo. If you are still not able to navigate to a different website, please reboot your computer and try again. If you have tried to reboot and your web browser is still unable to connect, please contact Eleisure Support.

3. Symptom:

When attempting to open a web browser, a blank page with the address "about:blank" comes up


Home Page Settings have been changed or browser has been hijacked/corrupted. Typically this problem arises when Spyware or a browser hijacker has taken control of certain functions of your browser.


The best solution to this problem is to ensure that your virus protection is up to date and to install a Spyware detection program if you don't already have one. Please visit our Suggested Downloads page for more information and links to free anti-virus and Spyware detection software.

4. Symptom:

My computer will not receive an IP address from the Eleisure system


Your computer's DHCP settings may be set incorrectly or not enabled at all.

If your computer shows network connectivety but you are unable to obtain an IP Address from the Eleisure DHCP server please read the Connection and Troubleshooting instructions PDF file.

5. Symptom:

A message pops up saying that there is a duplicate computer name detected on the network.


File sharing or NetBIOS is enabled


Most computer manufacturers ship out a new PC with a generic computer name. Most consumers do not change the computer name. If you are getting a message similar to that of "there is a duplicate computer name on the network" you most likey have file sharing or NetBIOS enabled. Although having a duplicate computer name on the network is not a problem, having a NetBIOS or Network Neighborhood connection is not only not recommended it is like leaving your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition. Please visit our Suggested Downloads page to read about free firewall software which will allow you to disable file sharing and keep others on your property from seeing and accessing files on your PC.

6. Symptom:

My internet connection seems slow and I have several browser windows that keep popping up on the screen


Probably SpyWare.


Please visit our Suggested Downloads page and download a SpyWare detection program

7. Symptom:

When I open my browser the home page keeps redirecting me to a page that I did not select


Probably SpyWare or a Virus.


Please visit our Suggested Downloads page and get an Anti-Virus program and an Anti-Spyware program. If you already have an Anti-Virus program and an Anti-SpyWare program ensure that your subscription has not expired and that your virus definitions are up to date. Virus definitions from a year ago do you no good.