Troubleshooting Tips for Online Gaming Device

Please read about the following symptoms similar to those you are experiencing to see the potential problem and solution.

1. Symptom (most common):

My device is connected but saying I have insufficient MTU settings.


This, in fact, is not related to the MTU settings of the network. Your gaming device needs to be registered with Eleisure in order to sign in to the online gaming community.


You need to manually register your gaming device with Eleisure. See Manual Registration for detailed instructions on how to solve this problem.

2. Symptom:

My device is not identifying a network and has no Internet access.


Your device is unable to establish an Internet connection.


Check to verify that you have your device connected properly.

  • If you are connecting your device using an Ethernet Cable, make sure that you have your cable plugged in all the way on both ends of the connection.
  • If you are using a Wireless Network, be sure to select the proper name of the network before testing the connection again. This could be [Name of Property] Open Access if you are relying on the open access wireless network that is provided by Eleisure. Or, this could be the name of the network that you set up, if you are using your own wireless router.
  • If this is not helpful, test the same connection using your computer or laptop. Open a Trouble Ticket or call 888-271-0421 if you are still unable to establish an Internet connection.

3. Symptom:

My device is connected but my NAT type is "strict".


When you connect to the internet with Eleisure, you are on a private network (you have been assigned an internal or private IP address). Because you are on a private network, it may be difficult for specific external users to locate you behind our firewall and vice versa. In other words, this will only affect your gaming experience if you plan on partying up with friends located outside of the Eleisure network.


Request a Static IP Address. This should change your NAT type to "open" or "moderate". You should no longer experience any trouble with reaching your friends located outside of the network.
Note: Resources are limited. We have only a certain number of public IP addresses, to be used for all different kinds of purposes, that may be assigned to users on the Eleisure network. Only request a static IP address for gaming if you are truly experiencing issues with your NAT type.