Troubleshooting Tips For Your Eleisure Telephone Connection

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Please read about the following symptoms silimilar to those you are experiencing to see the potential problem and solution

1. Symptom:

When I pick up my phone handset I do not get a dial tone.


Although it may sound simple, please ensure that the phone cord is connected to your phone and to the appropriate wall plate in your home. If you are using a cordless phone, ensure that the handset has power.

2. Symptom:

When I dial 411 nothing happens


To access Directory Assistance and /or information calls you will need to set up an online credit card account to debit funds for this use. Click International Calls at the bottom of this page to set up an account to make Directory Assistance calls.

3. Symptom:

You are trying to access directory assistance


Directory Assistance and/or information calls are unavailable from your property. This does not affect your ability to dial 911.

4. Symptom:

I am unable to make International Calls from my phone by direct dialing.


Solution: To make International Calls you will need to set up an online credit card account with the Eleisure server to debit funds for International Calling. The account will advise you on each call how much the call will cost on a per minute basis. This will allow you to decide if you would like to continue your call for the per minute cost of the call.

5. Symptom:

I would like to make a long distance call, how do I know how much it will cost.


All long distance calling in the Continental United States is free using the Eleisure Telephone network.